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A Catalyst Community is a local group which works with community members to: create tangible improvements in their community, develop fulfilling and effective methods of enacting social change.


We offer training, coaching, and consulting which assists in creating a more fulfilling, meaningful, and rewarding experience for change-makers.

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August 17th to the 23rd

At Camp Cooper near Willamina, Oregon

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Thriving Changemaker Summit – Coaching for Social Change

What would truly thriving look like for you?
Friends — THANK you for reading this and then sharing it with your colleagues, loved ones, and networks!

This is a heartfelt invitation for you to come to Oakland, CA, March 5th-9th, for the 2014 Thriving Changemaker Summit, a transformational 4-day training for social change leaders.

It’s going to be life-changing, and we wish nothing more than for you to be there with us. Take a minute now to learn more:

The training will give you powerful yet practical tools and skills to bring clear vision, focused action, and greater ease & fulfillment to your life and your work for social change — and to empower others to do the same.

Take a moment to ask yourself right now: What would truly thriving look like? What is the difference I would truly love to make? And… What would it be like for me if I were to be consistently taking action toward creating that?

Whatever you see when you look at what you truly want for your life and your work, as a result of attending this training, you will get where you want to go — faster, with more ease, and less struggle.

For those of us who have attended the training, our lives & work have truly never been the same. We’ve found focus & freedom where there was stress & struggle, opportunities where there only seemed to be “obstacles,” and promise & possibility where there used to be frustration & resignation.

We’ve found our way toward work that nourishes us while creating a greater impact; we’ve transformed our relationships with colleagues, friends, and family; we’ve had breakthroughs in our relationship with money, time, & creativity; and we’ve discovered new levels of vitality & enjoyment, even as we’re making an even greater difference in some of the most important social movements of our time.

In the end, this is about more than just a training. This is about the life you would love, and the contribution for you to make in the lives of others.

We’d love to address any concerns you might have. The training does have a fee; however, if you’re concerned about that, know that there are scholarships & fundraising support available, and an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re hesitant about the time commitment, zoom out for a moment and imagine yourself a year from now: What will have made those 4 days of your life most meaningful, whatever you may have planned, or this transformational training?

So, are you in? If so, register now to meet the February 1st Priority Deadline:

Thank you for taking the time to see if this might be the right thing at the right time for you. Be in touch if you have any questions… and we look forward to seeing you there!

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